BFPO Sweets: Tasty Treats for British Forces


“BFPO Sweets” is a delightful initiative dedicated to creating care packages filled with tasty treats for the British Forces. These carefully curated packages aim to provide a sweet escape, bringing joy, comfort, and a taste of home to our servicemen and servicewomen deployed abroad. Here’s a guide to crafting tempting care packages that satisfy the sweet tooth and lift the spirits of our brave British troops.

Classic British Confections

Include an array of classic British confections in the care package. From iconic chocolates to traditional sweets, these familiar treats evoke a sense of nostalgia and provide a taste of home for our troops.

Regional and Local Delights

Explore regional and local sweets to add a unique touch to the care package. Include treats that showcase the diverse flavors of the United Kingdom, offering a delightful culinary journey to different corners of the country.

Personalized Sweet Selections

Tailor the sweet selections based on individual preferences. Encourage friends and family to share insights into the favorite candies or treats of their loved ones in the Armed Forces, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable experience.

Homemade Goodies

Add a special touch by including homemade goodies such as cookies, brownies, or fudge. These treats, made with love, carry the warmth of home and provide a comforting connection for our troops.

Variety for Every Taste

Ensure a diverse selection to cater to various tastes and preferences. Include a mix of chocolates, gummies, hard candies, and licorice to create a well-rounded assortment that appeals to different sweet cravings.

Sweet Messages and Greetings

Attach sweet messages and greetings to each treat. Whether handwritten notes or printed messages, these additions convey love, appreciation, and the collective support of the home front.

Seasonal and Festive Treats

Incorporate seasonal and festive treats to add a celebratory touch to the care package. Whether it’s holiday-themed chocolates or candies, these treats bring a sense of joy during special occasions.


BFPO Sweets is a delightful way to send a taste of home and share moments of sweetness with our British Forces. By including classic confections, regional delights, personalized selections, homemade goodies, a variety of treats, sweet messages, and seasonal delights, these care packages become a source of joy and comfort for our servicemen and servicewomen. Through BFPO Sweets, we express our appreciation in a deliciously sweet way, ensuring that the troops feel the warmth and sweetness of support from the home front.

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