Five Tips For Finding The Right Senior Living Facility

With the number of Americans aged 65 and older expected to almost double by the middle of the century, the question of senior care takes on added importance. At present, the two most popular options for elderly individuals who cannot live on their own or with their families are nursing homes and assisted living facilities (ALFs). Because seniors are living longer and are generally much healthier than they were in the past, many do not require the full-time medical attention from a nursing home. As a result, ALFs are more popular than ever. With that in mind, here are five tips you can use to help you find the right senior living facility.

Tip 1: Make Sure It’s Clean

One of the most common reasons people move into assisted living facilities is that they can no longer maintain their own homes. Daily chores like cooking and cleaning simply become too much for them, and they need others to take over the responsibility of providing a neat and orderly home-like atmosphere. As a result, cleanliness is one of the most important considerations when selecting a new place to live.

As a prospective resident, it is important to examine both personal and shared spaces. Are they up to your standards of cleanliness? In addition to the floors and the furniture, take a look at the windows. Do they look like they are washed on a regular basis? It is also Reliable and Considerate Senior Moving Servicesa good idea to ask about housekeeping and how often it is provided in your room. Last but not least, make sure you inquire about laundry service. Top communities wash their residents’ bedding and personal clothing as needed.

Tip 2: Observe The Staff

Since the employees at the senior living center you select will be your new caretakers, it is crucial that they are friendly, responsive, and professional at all times. When touring the facilities, make sure you keep a close eye on their interactions with residents. Do most members of the staff appear friendly and approachable or sullen and unpleasant? Do they smile and laugh when talking to residents, or do they look impatient and uncomfortable? You should also find out how many staff members are involved in taking care of residents at any given time.

Tip 3: Consider Activities

All reputable ALFs schedule activities for their residents. Whether exercise, dance, art or music, it is always a good sign when these activities are well attended. If they are not, it could be an indication that they are either poorly run or are not enjoyed by residents. It is also a good idea to ask about trips away from the senior living center. These outings might include an afternoon at the movies, in the park, or even to see a local play.

Tip 4: Have Lunch

It might not be home cooking, but the food served at assisted living facilities should be a cut above cafeteria fare. In particular, the center should offer different meal options since many elderly people have special dietary needs.

Tip 5: Talk To The Residents

Of course, the easiest and most effective way to find out about a particular facility is to ask the folks staying there. Are they happy? Do they have any complaints? Would they recommend the center to a friend or family member?

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