Foundation Piling Variations

The foundation piling services vertical has become highly specialized and firms that operate in this space should have extensive knowledge and experience. This field covers a wide variety of applications where it is imperative to craft sound foundations for structures in a variety of working conditions.

Geotechnical engineering firms provide valuable data for each large commercial construction project that guides the architects planning efforts to ensure that the foundation of the planned project will adequately support the massive amounts of weight that will be inherent in the finished product. By analyzing the soils composition and the environment around the job site, experienced engineering firms can adeptly develop a model of the soils composition on which to make foundational decisions.

Experienced foundation construction firms understand that once the excavation process begins a litany of variables may present themselves, and they instruct their machine operators to keep a close watch on the soil conditions and report any unknown variances to their managers.

Foundation piling firms understand the importance of “time to market” for investors and work painstakingly to adhere to the project plan. Deep foundation methodologies often require the need for piles to be precisely located and quickly construction monitoring inserted. Diesel hammer pile drivers offer a highly efficient manner to insert piles into the earth, and the process has been around in its current state for over 50 years. Diesel hammer pile drivers are the stalwart of the pile driving industry due to their dependability, efficiency, and mobility.

Often job sites may impose limitations on noise thresholds. This may result in the need for a vibratory pile driver/extractor to insert the piles into the proper positions. These machines produce limited amounts of noise that is tolerated by surrounding businesses, and are also often used when engineers are concerned that the resonating blows of a diesel hammer pile driver may negatively affect an existing structure.

As a result of necessity, other piling methodologies have made their way onto the piling scene and have been highly advantageous to both the investors and the construction firms performing the work. In years past many older buildings had to be condemned due to failing foundations. At the time there were not enough proven processes that would permit the repair to a foundation in all instances due to lack of accessibility and confined working areas. Machines that are able to craft miniature piles (known in the industry as mini piles or micropiles) have benefited the commercial construction market immensely. These machines can work in areas and situations that were simply not possible only a short time ago. Micropile machines can access areas with limited access and also are highly coveted for situations where overhead clearance is a concern. Micropiles are also suitable for challenges that exist in areas where clearance and access are not an issue, but where the need for additional support of an existing foundation is required.

Savvy commercial Β contractors can provide insight and practical solutions resulting from their ability to draw on years of experience in a wide variety of similar situations.

Don Dolly is President of Foundation Constructors, a division of Foundation Pile Driving, in Oakley, CA. In business since 1971, Foundation Pile Driving serves customers throughout Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah. Foundation Pile Driving provides clients unparalleled expertise on complex and intricate projects of all sizes. Our field crews, foremen, superintendents and owners make up a cohesive management team that brings many years of pile driving experience to every job.


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