How to Take Care of Your Wig

Nowadays, more and more people wear wigs, and some people even have different types of wigs for their big days. The ladies who love fashion and beauty always have a good knowledge of wig maintenance. To the people who are new to wigs, how to take care of the wigs is important to them.

Wigs require different care depending on what type of hair they are made of. There are wigs made of human hair and synthetic hair. The proper maintenance of your wig will keep it in good condition. Most women find it best to have different wigs to use while allowing the proper time for cleaning and drying them. According to my own experience, there are things that you should do and should not do when maintaining wigs.

Before you purchase a wig in a store, you need to check out the sample wig or ask someone how this wig worked out for them. Then you will know how this wig will work out for you. Do buy the wig you want. You will only have a headache if trying to make curly hair straight or make straight hair curly. You can purchase both if you like both styles.

If you wear the wig often, you need to wash it at least once a week. But if you do not wear it very often, you can wash less. It is not recommended to wear the same wig frequently, because it will make the hair hard to manage. Before you wash a wig, you can detangle it using a wide tooth comb. After that, you can rinse it gently in cold water twice or until thoroughly rinsed. And then dry it gently with a towel. Never soak a human hair wig in a basin, because it will cause the hair to tangle and mat together.

When you do not use the wig, do keep it on a wig stand. You can get a pretty cheap wig stand online or offline easily. Furthermore, do not over brush the wig. It will make the hair come out in many instances. Every other day is good, depending on how often you wear it.

For curly wigs, finger combing is better. When the hair is dry, you can separate curls with your fingers for a fuller look. Less combing is best with synthetic curly wigs of any type. But for the human hair ones, you can comb them a little more.

Do not sleep or exercise in a synthetic wig. A wig made of synthetic hair will get tangled easily if you usually sleep in it. And doing exercise in a synthetic wig only makes it sweaty and dirty.

Never try to heat a synthetic hair wig, because it is plastic. But for the ones made of human hair, you can try to curl them, but it is not a wise choice to curl them frequently.

The above-mentioned details are the main things that I think you need to pay attention to if you want to get a longer life out of your wig.


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