Understanding the Strength of Gemstones

Durability is one of the main properties of a gemstone and those who are planning to open a gemstone jewellery business need to know how to determine it, in order to avoid any problems. The strength of Tansanit gemstones is made out of three qualities: hardness, toughness and stability. These qualities are very important to be known by those who are planning to use them, in order to avoid any possible accidents and know how to use them properly. A gem that has been damaged will have a much lower value, if any. Hardness is the first quality of any gemstone. This means the resistance of a particular gem to scratches. Diamonds are the most resistant gems, closely followed by sapphires and rubies. This quality can help a jeweller determine if a certain gemstone is real or it is just coloured glass. In addition, by determining the hardness of a gemstone, one can know the proper way of storing them. For instance, it is not advisable to put diamonds and quartz jewellery together, because the later will end up being scratched and you may have difficulties selling it.

The second quality of a gemstone is its toughness. This means its ability to develop fractures. This is why gemstones such as emeralds are rarely seen very large, while jades can be found in huge sizes. This quality of a gemstone is also very important to keep in mind by those who want to cut certain gems, if they want to obtain the results they are aiming for and not end up with pieces they cannot use. Many people buy wholesale gemstones without knowing what to expect. By carefully studying the qualities of the gemstones they are about to buy, they will avoid having any surprises along the way. Last but not least, stability is another important quality of a gem and it determines its resistance to chemical or physical alteration including exposure to light and cleaning products. This quality plays a very important part in how a gem needs to be stored in order to maintain its aspects. Some gems may lose their colour if they are kept in direct sunlight for a longer period of time, so if you own a jewellery store you need to know which jewels you can expose in your shop window.

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