Withdrawal Symptoms of Quitting Smoking – A Deeper Look

Well, there are many – peer pressure, lack of motivation, indifference, etc. But you can ask any reformed smoker and they will certainly agree that the withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking has made the task almost insurmountable!

One can even conclude that how one deals with the withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking can be a deciding factor if they’ll succeed in their attempt or not. These Benzo Withdrawal Symptoms can be very inconvenient at best or unsettling at worst. And they will haunt within hours of stopping smoking! It’s not surprising why many have failed just because of these withdrawal symptoms.

During the first few hours of stopping smoking, you can start a physical symptom of withdrawal. Usually, they are mild at first…but they’re persisting! It will push you to the edge, it won’t stop until you have taken another cigarette. This quick fix you’ll feel will ward away the feelings of withdrawal, until you draw another stick and light it.

The end result?

You’re still a notorious chain smoker.

But what if you have the courage and firm resolve never to light another cigarette again? Well, these physical symptoms can get stronger and stronger as there are no sensations from smoking that would keep them at bay. Within 3 to 4 days, you may feel headache, nausea, an almost-impossible-to-curb craving from smoking, and that’s just to name a few.

This is where many flunk BIG TIME. However, you should hold on tight. It shouldn’t take long before they completely fade away…perhaps 3 to 4 weeks or even less. I’m sure you would agree that slugging it out with withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking for a couple of weeks and having a healthier and stronger body after that is better than constantly puffing your stick of ‘quick fixes’ day in and day out.

You should tell yourself (even out loud) over and over again that smoking is one deadly addiction. And you deserve a healthier body. The last cigarette you take will mark a new beginning for your life and health. No matter how uncomfortable those withdrawal symptoms are, no matter how bad it feels when you shy away from your favorite cigarettes, you shouldn’t give up…not even the worst of these withdrawal symptoms should unsettle you.

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