Your Face Shape is Your Guide in Choosing the Right Sunglasses

How to do it? Take your most recent picture and look at it closely giving more attention to your outstanding features. Put a mark on your cheekbones, the eyebrows’ outer edge and the sides of your jaw. Connect the dots and you will know the shape of your face.

The size of your face plays an important role in selecting a pair of glasses. The shades should agree to the size and proportion of your face. A large size of frame goes with a large face and a smaller frame will look good with a smaller face. Contrasting frames should also be considered to your shape.

You are lucky if you have an oval face. There are a lot of polarized sunglasses for men styles that complements an oval shape. You will know if it is oval if your cheekbones are high and your chin is smaller than your forehead. Choosing a frame for this shape is easy because any shape of frame is suitable. Select one that will also complement your eyebrows shape.

Wide cheekbones and forehead with a strong jaw is the square shape. Sunglasses with narrow styles will look fine to soften your it. Frames that are round or oval will suit this shape.

A not so well-defined cheek or jaw bones is a round face. To make your face slimmer, choose sunglasses that will lengthen it. Rectangular frames or sunglasses with brow bars can make your face look longer.

Avoid frames that overemphasize your face shape as suggested by Therefore, wearing round frames will only draw attention to your already round shape. A square or rectangular shape looks better with straight-lined frames. The color of the frames can also draw attention to the face shape. The dimension of a round face will be emphasized with frames that are darker in color.

If you have a small forehead and chin, narrow eyes plus high cheekbones, you definitely have a diamond face. Go with the straight, square or rounded frames to widen your forehead and give your cheekbones a softer look.

To soften the contour of your face, go for oval sunglasses. Softly curved square frames will also look good. Get those styles that are bit wide that your cheekbones.

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