Prepare for Success: React Native Interview Questions Answered by Olibr


React Native interviews often include a range of technical questions to assess a candidate’s proficiency in mobile app development. Olibr, known for its expertise in tech insights, provides expert answers to common react native interview questions, helping candidates prepare effectively and showcase their skills in React Native development.

1. What is React Native, and how does it differ from ReactJS?

Olibr’s Expert Answer: React Native is a framework for building cross-platform mobile applications using JavaScript and React. It differs from ReactJS in that React Native is specifically designed for mobile app development, allowing developers to create native-like experiences for iOS and Android platforms using a single codebase.

2. Explain the concept of JSX in React Native development.

Olibr’s Expert Answer: JSX (JavaScript XML) is an extension of JavaScript that allows developers to write HTML-like code within JavaScript files. In React Native, JSX is used to define UI components, making it easier to create and manage the structure of mobile app interfaces.

3. How does state management work in React Native, and what are the different approaches to state management?

Olibr’s Expert Answer: State management in React Native involves managing component state to control data and UI interactions. Different approaches include using component state (setState), context API, Redux for global state management, and third-party libraries like MobX for state management with observable patterns.

4. What are React Native components, and how do they differ from ReactJS components?

Olibr’s Expert Answer: React Native components are building blocks used to create UI elements in mobile apps. They differ from ReactJS components in that React Native components are specifically designed for mobile platforms, utilizing native UI components like View, Text, Image, etc., whereas ReactJS components are for web applications, using HTML elements.

5. Explain the difference between React Native’s Navigator and React Navigation for navigation in mobile apps.

Olibr’s Expert Answer: React Native’s Navigator is a basic navigation component provided by React Native, while React Navigation is a popular library for implementing navigation in React Native apps. React Navigation offers more advanced features like stack navigation, tab navigation, drawer navigation, and customizable navigation options.


By understanding and practicing answers to common React Native interview questions provided by Olibr’s experts, candidates can effectively demonstrate their knowledge, problem-solving skills, and ability to work with React Native frameworks. Prepare thoroughly, familiarize yourself with React Native concepts and best practices, and leverage expert insights to succeed in React Native interviews and advance your career in mobile app development.

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